How do you handle the pressure when you’re juggling a number of major clients with large installation and maintenance projects. Especially when it needs to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner? Our case study reveals how Madjic Plumbing was able to up their productivity stakes by ditching copper and making the switch to a Europress stainless steel press-fit system.

The Customer

Madjic Plumbing specialises in commercial construction, industrial mechanical installations and design. Their impressive roster of clients includes water and wastewater treatment plants, in addition to industry titans like Theiss, John Holland and the Lion Nathan-Dairy and Brewery. Taking care of everything from new builds to relocations, renovations and everything in between, the team at Madjic are expert troubleshooters for their commercial and industrial clients.

The Challenge

A number of Madjic’s clients are major commercial and industrial players who require time-sensitive responses to the installation and maintenance of vital systems. Heavily reliant on major systems like plumbing for the successful running of their day-to-day business, reliability is essential to maintaining daily operations, and the constant need to reduce downtime and minimise costs adds additional pressure to the mix. Used in construction for decades, copper piping is a reliable but expensive option for plumbing due to the requirement for qualified welders, and the need to save time and money onsite necessitated the shift to a more efficient option.

The Solution

Madjic Plumbing made the switch to stainless steel press-fit plumbing systems four years ago in an effort to make significant productivity gains for their clients. While copper performs admirably (and has a great track record for longevity over the life cycle of a building), the start up costs and installation times are significantly higher than with the newer stainless steel technology.

With both options being similar in terms of long term usage and maintenance requirements, the switch to the Europress range of stainless steep press-fit systems meant big savings for their clients in both time and money. The high quality components not only look more aesthetically pleasing than their copper equivalents, they are stronger and are highly-resistant to aging, heat and chemical additives.

The Result

Madjic Plumbing has demonstrated productivity gains since switching to stainless steel fittings, because the team can now do all their own work on site. With no welding required and no specialised trades to subcontract out to, the Europress press-fit system is faster to install and cheaper overall because labour costs can be kept down whilst still upholding the quality of finish. All of this means that the benefits can be passed onto their clients, with less downtime and lower overheads for the same quality of work. Using Europress they have been able to consolidate the outdated plumbing systems at the University of NSW, among many others. Making the switch has been great for their business and their clients.

Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

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