Why Use Unipipe Aluminium Fittings?

Aluminium piping is rapidly becoming the most popular choice when it comes to fittings in a number of industries, but are all aluminium systems created equal? Here are six reasons why Unipipe is fast becoming the tradie’s choice when it comes to aluminium piping.

1. Unipipe is quick and simple to install


4 Common Press-Fit Piping Myths… Busted

Press-fit piping systems are relatively new to market when compared with traditional copper piping, so it makes sense that there might be a few lingering misconceptions around its performance. Here we bust four of the biggest myths:

Myth #1: Press-fit piping is very costly


9 Reasons Europress is the Best

There’s a reason why stainless steel press-fit systems are smashing it in the building and construction industry right now - in fact, there are at least nine reasons, and we’re going to share them with you. Here are the major benefits of stainless steel pipes that you’ve probably never even thought about:

Benefit #1: Quick to install

Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

Copper is generally perceived as the industry standard for piping given its long and distinguished history, so you might be suprised to know that newer forms of technology like stainless steel pipe fittings are superior in a number of ways.

This guide will dispel some common myths and provide you with a clear and concise comparison of the primary featuresand benefits of each option.