Allmach's new aluminium pipe system for inert gases improves operational efficiency. 

The Unipipe fittings make threading and gluing tubes a thing of the past, slashing costs and reducing downtime to just minutes.

This is achieved by delivering argon, nitrogen and its mixtures to the point-of-use, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Fast to install and rapid to modify, the inert gas pipe system is ideal for use in existing networks or in new installations direct from the inert gas source e.g. cylinder manifold or nitrogen generator.

Rigid aluminium pipe, pipe clips and quick assembly brackets make practically any installation possible.

Applications for Allmach nitrogen piping systems include:

  • Nitrogen tyre inflation systems
  • Manual and automated welding operations
  • Robotic installations  
  • Plasma cutting applications

Recommended Piping for this Application

Unipipe Aluminium Piping is the best option when it comes to nitrogen pipe, nitrogen lines, or nitrogen tubing. 

Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

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