Polyethylene pipes have several properties that make them the best choice in many water applications.

These pipes are designed to meet harsh climate conditions and to enable irrigators to distribute water where it is required, providing you with an excellent piping system for many industries.

With irrigation polythylene pipes there is no wastage or evaporation, and very little maintenance.

High resistance to impact and weathering make these piping systems ideal for the most demanding applications, and coils enable fast installation with minimum joints.

Our range of products are perfect for irrigation applications such as dam pipelines, pump lines, water mains, irrigation systems and recycled/reclaimed water.

Recommended Piping for this Application

Maxair Poly Piping and Compression Fittings are best suited when dealing with irrigation pipe systems.

Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

Copper is generally perceived as the industry standard for piping given its long and distinguished history, so you might be suprised to know that newer forms of technology like stainless steel pipe fittings are superior in a number of ways.

This guide will dispel some common myths and provide you with a clear and concise comparison of the primary featuresand benefits of each option.